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Catering Consultation Services


Catering Consultation Services

Qualified and experienced professional providing independent catering expertise and advice for a specific assignment and defined scope for an agreed fee.


Our job is to ensure everything related to your catered event is taken care of, from all the catering needs and some idea conception to programming and day-of logistics. We will create a catering experience and bring your catering needs and visions to life.

Catering Services
Meal Planning Services

Meal Planning and Prepping Services

Involves preparing meals ahead of time for a short or extended period for our client’s desired needs (i.e., cooking meals, lose weight, gain muscle mass, or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

(Couples or Groups)

Private Dining

Create a unique personal dining experience for a person, couples, groups, or private class from luxury table setting, desired beverages (alcoholic and/or non alcoholic) to preparing course(s) of meal to incorporating an environment to socialize.

Private Dining Services
Meal Planning Services

(Private classes for Couples or Groups and Kids)

Cooking Classes

Create an experience and genuine passion for those who want to learn their way around the kitchen, create menu planning, grocery shopping, to learning the fundamentals of cooking.

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